Friends of the Aiken County Public Library

Free eBook Library

For those who buy a Kindle via the links on this website, the Friends of the Aiken Public Library are sincerely grateful, since Amazon pays a commission to the FOL. As as a token of our gratitude we will provide an SD card to plug into your new Kindle. This card has been pre-loaded with about 500 free books. Just send an email with contact information to to let us know you have purchased a Kindle through our website, and we will get the card to you.

The card contains the following books in Kindle-compatible format.

Free eBook List by Author (I to O)

A to B

C to E

F to H

P to S

T to Z

Ibsen, Henrik
James, Henry
Jerome, Jerome K.
Kafka, Franz
Kant, Immanuel
Kipling, Rudyard
Lawrence, D. H.
Leroux, Gaston
Lewis and Clark
Lewis, Sinclair
London, Jack
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Machiavelli, Niccolo
Marryat, Frederick
Marx, Karl
Melville, Herman
Montgomery, Lucy Maud
More, Thomas
Muir, John
Nightingale, Florence
Norris, Frank
Okakura, Kakuzo
Orczy, Baroness