Friends of the Aiken Public Library

Book Rental Program

Many people are eager to read the latest best seller, but do not want or cannot afford to buy every one they would like to read. The library has contracted with a service that provides these types of books. A fee is charged to defray the costs to the library. Since this type of book has a high demand for a limited time, it does not make sense for the library to acquire multiple copies for its permanent collection.

After the interest in the book has run its course, the library will add it to its permanent collection, or place it for sale via the Used Book Sale shelf on the library's second floor.

Rental books are found on a separate shelf in a room off to the right as you approach the circulation desk on the first floor. The Book Rental Program was founded with a $1,000 start-up grant from the Friends of the Aiken Library in 1998 and has been self-sustaining since that date. The initial cost to rent a book, which must be paid at the circulation desk when checking out, is $1.00 for four days. Each additional day costs .25 cents and is collected when the book is returned to the library. Books from the Rental Book Program are identified by a bright orange label on the cover and patrons are asked to return them directly to the circulation desk of the Aiken County Public Library.