Friends of the Aiken Public Library

Summer Reading Program

This program has been going on for several years. It is not strictly a Friends of the Aiken Public Library program; it is run by the ABBE Regional Library System, with a substantial financial contribution from Friends of the Aiken Public Library.

The Summer Reading Program is designed to encourage reading, foster family literacy, create lifelong learners, and improve school skills. A variety of activities is tailored to different age groups. They include:

Preschool Programs
The library holds Story Times, where the Children's Librarian reads a suitable story to groups of very young children. In 2005, Story Time was held 21 times, with a total attendance of over 500 children.
Afternoon Programs
When children register for the program, they receive a bookmark, a reading log, and a guide to weekly programs at the library. Participants are encouraged to read anything they like. Even young children can participate by designating a book buddy to read to them. At the end of the summer, children who have reached the ten-book reading goal will receive a free book, paid for by Friends of the Library and other sponsors. Last year, 13 Afternoon Programs were held, and over 1,100 children attended.
Young Adult Programs
Programs of interest to older childen and teenagers are held at the library. For example, one of the programs last year was a Fear Factor Food Challenge. Three Young Adult programs were held in 2005, with a total attendance of nearly 30 young people.
Family Fun Nights
Family Fun Nights may be a family story time, a performance by a professional storyteller, folksinger, puppet show, etc. The Southland Express Cloggers have performed in the back parking lot the past two years, and Twin Dragons Martial Arts and Fitness did a program on children's self-defense for us last year.
Splash Down Party
The splash down party is our big finale. The Fire Department brings out a fire truck and the firemen spray the kids in the parking lot from 30 minutes to an hour and we make free sno-cones for the kids and their parents.