Friends of the Aiken Public Library

Wi-Fi Hot Spot Program

The Friends of the Aiken Public Library has been instrumental in establishing this new service at the library. If you have a laptop computer or other device that is capable of connecting to a public wireless network (IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard), you will be able to connect at the library any time of the day. The wireless signal extends to the front and side parking lots as well.

If you have such capability, you will know how to connect to our network (it is named “ABBEnet”). The library is not equipped to help you with this. If asked, the following information applies:

SSID: ABBEnet IP address: DHCP

The following are important conditions that apply to using this resource:

  1. There is no time limit. You may use the network for as long as you wish. Be aware that service may slow down at times when there are a lot of users connected.
  2. The internet connection is filtered. Inappropriate web sites are automatically blocked, in accordance with the library’s computer use policy.
  3. The wireless network is not safe or secure from malicious outside influences. It is strictly up to you to protect your computer by use of a local firewall. It is strongly suggested that you not access any personal private information that you do not wish the world to see. This could include financial and personal information, email messages, personal identity data, and the like. The Aiken Public Library, the ABBE Regional Library System, and the Friends of the Aiken Public Library are not liable for any consequences of wireless network access, including loss of information, transmission of computer viruses, or the interception of sensitive data.

In addition, inside the library, the following apply:

  1. No internet phone calls are allowed, Calls made on computers and cell phones are distracting to others and will not be tolerated for that reason. For the same reason, no software running on your computer should be making distracting sounds. Please mute your speakers when using the network inside the library, or use your own headphones.
  2. No library printers are available for use by patrons with their own computers. If you need to print something, you will have to save it in a form that can be accessed by a library computer (USB flash drive, diskette, or web-based email) and then wait your turn for one of the library computers to become available.
  3. You may plug in your computer to one of the library’s electrical outlets, provided you do not unplug anything else and provided you do not create a safety hazard due to the placement of your power cord. The library is not responsible for any damage created by power surges, brownouts, loss of power, or snagging of power cords.